Spaß am Dienstag

Montag, 14.6.2010

Frau Winkler präsentiert am Dienstag, 15.06. einen Klubabend.

Wir sagen Danke!


Bunte Aktualisierung

Montag, 14.6.2010

Shake It, Shake It, Baby

Freitag, 6.3.2009

When the Shake Your Tail Feather video was shot, I was behind the camera doing nothing. If you notice, at one point, the camera moves. I had it on a tripod. See, Frostie wouldn’t dance right so I got Ted and he was waving a white hand towel around and around! That’s all that happened that time! I was laughing so hard I was afraid I was going to ruin the video! When he won’t dance, I jump up and down and run around and do all sorts of things to try to shoot a good video. It’s not that easy! * via


Freitag, 20.2.2009

* via

2:20 Minuten Rodeln

Freitag, 30.1.2009

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Tempête sur la pointe de Bretagne

Freitag, 30.1.2009

Storch Heinar

Mittwoch, 17.12.2008